Gem of a colour

Gem of a colour

For the majority of 2019 crystals and gemstones have had a resurgence in popularity with crystal healing a top search on Pinterest along with people keen to learn about their meanings and healing properties to help with illness, negativity and promoting positive thoughts in their life.        

I visited the natural history museum in London last month and they had restored the Minerals gallery to as it would have been in 1881 with original oak display cabinets to present all of the incredible gems and raw minerals in a variety of colours, textures and shapes. The exhibition not only displayed a wide range of beautiful crystals, gems and minerals but also explained where in the world they may be found and their uses throughout different industries.

Minerals such as copper and tin are widely used in the build of circuit boards however it would seem the crystal craze has spread into the manufacturing world in the form of paint colours!

This month alone we have brought in 2 new powder coat paint colours from our suppliers Thermaset, both sporting gemstone names.

The colours in question are Quartz Grey which is an ashy, smoky shade of grey– the sort you might see running through marble and the other is Opal Green which is a rich deep green, more emerald in tone and darker than you would commonly expect an opal.

Below are the believed meanings and healing properties for both gemstones.

Opal - Works the energy of flow and movement. Promotes feelings of benevolence and friendship. It’s the gem of God, Love, faith and creativity. Blends feminine and masculine polarities of the conscious.

Smoky Quartz - Protects against negative energies. Teaches that there is light in the dark. Provides security when there is fear of failure. Provides courage and self-acceptance in the learning process. Good against depression and negative emotions. Eliminates subconscious blocking. Excellent for meditation. 

We have started to build up an extensive range of colours in our powder coat paint library. You can view our downloadable colour chart on our website or by clicking here.

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