Metal Fabrication FAQ's - Popular questions over recent years (was it you that asked us)

  • Can you do the metal fabrication and get it screen printed?

  • Will you make small batches?

  • I have a product but no drawings, can you replicate it?

  • Our current supplier is quoting 6 weeks, can you do things more quickly?

  • I have a cardboard template of my product, can you convert this to sheet metal? 

  • We need this tomorrow, can you help? 

  • Do you help design enclosures?

  • Can you make welding look nice?

  • Do you produce custom trolley assemblies?

  • Can you form and weld stainless steel into tanks?

If it was you that asked that, you will also know we said “Yes we can” and now, very probably, together, we deliver.

If you have a question why not contact us