Electronics Assembly FAQ's - Popular questions over recent years (was it you that asked us)

  • Can you cut and prepare some wires for us? 

  • We are looking for someone to crimp connectors – can you help?

  • Can you place components?

  • We want someone to modify our existing products, is this something you do?

  • Do you have automated surface mount machines?

  • Can you build 6M long digital bus displays?

  • Our volume requirements have spiked and we need you to solder on a few connectors right now, have you capacity?

  • Can you populate and assemble Gas Fire Control Systems, we need them next week?

  • You know you fabricated those enclosures for us, can you pre fit all the electro mechanical items too?

  • Would you build and test our Staff Attack devices?

  • We need this today as {insert popular musical artist name here} is going on tour next week - Can you make one? 

  • We have been building our products on the kitchen table but our volumes have taken off, can you help right now?

If it was you that asked that, you will also know we said “Yes we can” and now, very probably, together, we deliver.

If you have a question why not contact us