Electronic Circuit Assembly

Many of our clients contact us because they need something slightly different from the norm. For example they may be experienced at Through Hole but want something in Surface Mount, or perhaps they have been assembling circuits in one’s and two’s and now need to produce ten’s and twenty’s (or even hundred’s).

We work closely with our clients through a diligent process of design, specification, proto-typing and construction in order to deliver bespoke circuit assemblies.

If you are struggling to find a supplier that can tailor their approach to your requirements then talk to us. We can help by providing a reliable service that suits your exact requirements.

Our equipment list includes; screen printing, pick and place, wavesolder, reflow oven, and electronic test so we are well prepared to take on most challenges you may have. Read our case studies to find out how we have helped some our clients.

Please contact us about electronic circuit board assembly on our Contact Us page. Where known please let us know the quantity required for circuit assemblies.