Electronics – Hand Solder; Automated Pick & Place; Wire Preparation; Wave Solder; Panel Wiring, and more

We can procure printed circuit boards and components and then we do everything else to provide you with what you want, straight to your own production facility or direct to your customer should you prefer. With our solder paste printing capability, automated pick & place machinery and reflow oven boards can be rapidly populated and soldered. We have a Mass Lead Cutter and Wave solder Machine for those old school Through Hole Component requirements. We also Hand Solder to an excellent standard. We can add software, test your products, put them into an enclosure, add labels and pop them into a box if you want us to. We don’t design in house, but work with a network of suitable designers for differing requirements. 

Many of our customers have chosen to form a partnership with us because they need something slightly different from the norm. Often they have been wiring items or assembling circuits themselves in one’s and two’s and now need to produce ten’s and twenty’s (or even hundred’s) and just don’t have the time anymore to do this themselves. Others were experienced at through hole but want to move to surface mount. Some have been sourcing from afar, but feel a much closer to home approach speeds up lead time or reduces batch size commitments. Whatever the motivation to partner with us, we work closely with all clients through a diligent process of understanding requirements, process proving and construction in order to deliver bespoke electro-mechanical or circuit assemblies.

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