Our Services - How we can help your business 

 Electronics Assembly Services 

Whether you have very small batches through to larger volumes we can cut and prepare wire, solder connectors, populate and solder through hole and surface mount assembly PCB’s, final assembly, load software, test & print and apply labels. Panel Wiring is also an in house speciality. You can free issue parts, or we will do all the sourcing and procurement for you – you choose your preferred approach.

In fact, if there is a sub assembly job that is a non-core chore activity for you, it would be just right for us and we would love to free up your time to focus on where your business value is driven from – we already provide this focused approach for other businesses so we know we can make it work for yours. Fast turnaround. We love hand soldering too!

Metalwork Fabrication Services

Again, whether you have very small batches through to larger volumes we CNC punch with an extensive range of tooling, deburr all edges, rumble smaller parts if needed, Press Brake fold those angles or flanges, Insert Sheet Metal Fasteners, Spot and Stud Weld, MIG and TIG weld to high standards, Powder Coat Paint finish providing fabrications straight to your production line or customer.

We primarily work in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium and as we Powder Coat Paint in house, we keep our lead times to a minimum.  Enclosures, Boxes, Brackets, Front Panels, Display Units, Electrical Equipment Housings, Seating Supports – just to name a few but if it’s not on that list and you need it fabricating ask us.