We gained ISO9001: 2015 Certification

We gained ISO9001: 2015 Certification


Realising we lacked a defined and connected structure within our business and sometimes the ability to assure existing or new customers that we had sound business methods for identifying strategy, managing risk and developing processes and our people we turned to ISO9001:2015 as a framework for guidance.

As most people in business now view registration to the revised standard as one of the best tools for improvement in rhythm & rigour and no longer a badge of honour, we decided to make becoming registered one of our main goals for 2020/21.

We had our second stage audit by Centre for Assessment on 22nd December 2020 and were told that we had passed which was a lovely Christmas present to receive at the end of a very strange year! We decided to await the arrival of the certificate before telling the world of the achievement and this week it popped into our email inbox which means it is time to spread the word.

Last year we put a huge amount of focus into the project. With Covid19 taking over the majority of the year it felt even more important for the team to ensure we got through our audits and gained certification to end 2020 on a high. We enlisted the help of David Burns from the Assessment Register to guide us through the requirements of ISO9001 and had regular meetings throughout the year to ensure we kept on track. We believe this was a key enabler of project success as it kept us on track and focused towards our end goal despite the many distractions along the way.

Scott (Operations Manager) and Emilie (Administration Manager) were the key project drivers going from gap analysis through to process development and were able to tidy the relevant documentation and procedures carrying out internal audits of every part of the business to get ready for external audit.

During the year Scott, Emilie and our senior engineer Jon Camp passed their internal auditor training course and now work together to ensure internal audits are carried out regularly around the business.

We believe Gaining ISO9001:2015 is a great achievement and already certification has helped us to win some new business contracts which may have been out of reach before.

If you are looking to gain ISO9001 certification we would highly recommend help from David Burns of The Assessment Register and also Centre For Assessment to get you there.






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