We’re made in Britain, making in Britain we are……

We’re made in Britain, making in Britain we are……

At MSL & DASL we are all passionate about British manufacturing so we have joined the Made in Britain family and their network of likeminded manufacturers.

Made in Britain are helping to keep skills, craft and innovation thriving whilst supporting Britain's position as the design centre of the world by championing authentic British made goods.

The Made in Britain organisation aims to bring together the entire manufacturing community in Britain, united with the use of their registered collective mark with businesses benefiting in sales, marketing, exports and PR. 

We now have a profile page on the MiB Directory alongside all the other makers in the 50 product categories and we can also use the MiB marque on our products, packaging, print and on our website and social media platforms. 

There are also many workshops and networking events available to us as members to allow us to learn and grow as a British business as well as have the opportunity to network with likeminded people.

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