Ooh, i'll give them a Google!

Ooh, i'll give them a Google!

We have recently re-designed our company logos and felt it was now time to renew our exterior building signage. After a long period of design consultation, we finally had everything installed last week by the brilliant Signs Express Exeter.

In the past we have found that people find it difficult to locate us as well as not even knowing that we are here and what we can do. Our previous signage was small, and we thought if we really utilised the space available and made sure our design is bold, simple and bright we can shout it from the rooftops! (pun most definitely intended!).

We mentioned that the design process was long, and that was because we were initially unsure as to what we wanted to portray. At first, we had too much information when really all we wanted was for someone to think ‘ooh, I’ll give them a google’. We have mirrored the aesthetic of the sign to the new advertisement boards we recently had installed at Exeter City Football Club to bring a continuity to our business.

This is the first step in our design plan to upgrade our building exterior and we are really pleased with how the signage has turned out. So, watch this space!


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