Back in time

Back in time

Our senior engineer Jon Camp was thrilled to recently find and be able to purchase an original circa 1910 Blickensderfer typewriter.  

This is the stylish machine that started off a company called Blick that went on to develop time and attendance machines using a variation of the mechanism from the typewriter.  

Later on, Blick purchased a local metalworking operation who fabricated the card racks used with the time and attendance system.  In 2004 Blick plc was purchased by Stanley and subsequently MSL was formed from a management buyout of the metal fabrication operation. 

So, I suppose we can say, Metalwork Solutions Limited………born from an original idea in 1910!  Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, it still works well, but we don’t see it as our next business system upgrade, well not just yet anyway!!!



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