Spotlight on the Mezzanine – Part 2

Spotlight on the Mezzanine – Part 2


Summer feels like a distant memory, the leaves are falling and is it just me or does it seem to be constantly raining. The mezzanine has come a long way in the few months since the first instalment of the spotlight blog posts.

All the old mezzanine is out and in metal scrap heaven, we have two thirds of the flooring in place and the back staircase is in.

It has been a tough few months for everyone involved; with production continuing around the build the team have found frustrations over space, storage, finding things and general interruptions. From the build point of view Dave and Rich have had to carefully manoeuvre around the team in the least obstructing way and everyone has also done well to quickly react when extra help has been required and not let it impact their days.

There is still a long way to go to completion and it will continue into 2020 with the rest of the flooring to go in, positioning of the large machinery in MSL as well as the main staircase to fit which is the last but probably most important piece of structural work to happen as it involves a whole redesign of the office area and entrance to DASL.

The extra unit we rented for storage purposes is full to the brim so once the build is complete it will be meticulously sorted through and brought back only if it has a home.The importance of the new mezzanine is to gain us more space – mostly on the ever growing DASL side of things, it will enable us to house more machinery, keep jobs set up and have a better quality and work rate than our current cramped situation which after 10 years we have now outgrown.

There are plans for a meeting room and brainstorm/chill out area as well as a new lunch area and office layout.

Last week the staircase into DASL was removed and the flooring installed allowing for the full floor across the space to be fitted.

We plan for the new staircase to be fitted within the next 2 months which will bring its own headache as it will cut across the current kitchen meaning access will be restricted throughout this time. As it isn’t a quick job, we will need to work out how to make the kitchen area accessible or if we need to create a temporary home for it throughout this period.

Once the front staircase is installed, we will redesign the office space. Currently three of us share this area as well as it is housing the communal staff area. Going forward Adrian will be moving to an office upstairs allowing us to have an Admin/reception and Technical workspace.

The kitchen/communal area will have a brand new look, utilising the space we have available and allowing for a better environment for our team.

Watch this space for another installment soon!



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