A surprise telephone call went something like this...

A surprise telephone call went something like this...

“We have a product, it’s an aluminium enclosure with electronics inside; we currently manufacture in North America, but we have a big UK and European requirement right now. Could you provide us with 1,500 units in twelve weeks’ time and could you manufacture everything required – metalwork fully assembled with all the components, wired up and functionally tested?  We need someone to quickly & efficiently produce the whole thing under one roof”

We asked a few questions of course, and then off we went. We set up a 6-step production line, obtained the materials, fabricated the aluminium enclosures, populated the electronics, tested the units, packed and dispatched. Client was delighted. Can we have more they asked. Another 1500 and can you produce at 300 a week? We reviewed our production line, reconfigured to eliminate waste, added some additional capital equipment, achieved the required tact time and their response was 'keep going, we need more!

6,000 units produced and we have a little breather now. It’s been a challenge for the team from procurement to packaging and all steps in between but the satisfaction of achieving exactly what the customer asked for, in the time frame they needed, has been immense. In a period of time where material supply chains are massively disrupted our trusted partners never missed a beat and for that we will always be grateful.

Of course, the client is very happy and is already putting other project work our way, fabrication, electronics and end-to-end assembly work – apparently we have achieved supplier of choice status outside of North America.

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